‘Dance Moms’ Reality Star Tells All

Growing up my big sister and I took on the competitive dance world by storm as a dynamic duo.  However, we couldn’t have done it without our momager. Our mother was always lugging us back-and-forth from dance class, being our biggest fan/ critic, and teaching us how to put on false eyelashes or how to master the perfect smoky eye. While dance kept us busy, we always found time to come together and watch the Lifetime show “Dance Moms.” This show quickly became one of our favorite television series because we had the opportunity to relate.

So, when I found out that former Dance Moms reality star BROOKE HYLAND would be attending Ohio University, I quite frankly had a significant fangirl moment. It was season 4 of Dance Moms when fan favorites Brooke and Paige Hyland left the show because mother Kelly said “enough” with Abby Lee Miller.  Since then, the girls have been off the celebrity radar but have been keeping busy since they left the show.

If you are wondering what exactly Brooke Hyland has been doing since season 4, TalkingAtTiffany’s has you covered with the latest gossip.


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